3665 boulevard Industriel, Montréal-Nord (Québec), H1H 2Y7
Tél: (514) 322-5745 @ info@radprestige.com

Radiateur Prestige

Radiateur Prestige

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Established since 1991

Our quality and our service have built our reputation for more than 20 years!

New and used Parts

We are always in search of high quality parts with competitive pricing!

Custom work

Every project, small or big, homemade or not, is always our greatest challenge and pride.

Radiateur Prestige

Radiateur Prestige is your specialist in cooling system, air conditioning, gas tank and various car parts.

Our business which was founded in 1991 has been at your service for more than 20 years. The expertise of our personnel is without any doubts since their training and their experience are equal to 30 years.

Our warehouse and our workshop have expanded since 2005, which offers to our clients a wide parts choice which are of the greatest quality, whether they are manufactured or industrial scaled.

Our reputation is already made! Come to meet our consultants whom will guide you through your desired product. Waiting room for your convenience. 5% discounts for senior.

Rad Prestige
3665, boulevard Industriel,
Montréal-Nord (Québec) H1H 2Y7

Tél. (514) 322-5745
@ info@radprestige.com

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Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield Washer Fluid
2.00$ / 4L
Limit of 2 boxes per customer



$5 rebate
on your next purchase at regular price

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